year 1959
  • Banner:


  • Producer:

    Gour Prasad Ghose

  • Director and Screenplay:

    Nitai Palit

  • Story:

    Gyanendra Burma

  • Lead Actors:

    Gour Prasad Ghose as... Manu, Parbati Ghose as...Chandra

  • Dialogue:

    Gopal Chotray and Biswajit Das

  • Editor:

    Sukumar Mukherjee

  • Dance Director:

    Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra

  • Art Director:

    Hiren Lahiri

  • Sound:

    Paritosh Bose

  • Music:

    Bhuvaneswar Misra

  • Lyrics:

    Kabichandra Kalicharan Patnaik, Narsingha Mahapatra, Gurukrushna Goswami and Akhaya Mohanty

  • Playback Singers:

    Akhaya Mohanty, Pranab Patnaik and Ila Chakraborty

  • Cast:

    Gobind Tej, Laxmi, Hemanta, Sachidananda, Khetrapal, Ananta Mahapatra(Anu), Gloria, Bhola and Baikuntha Nath Mohanty(Bai Bhai)


In 1959, Gour Prasad, now in his30’s, undauntedly dived into his second production “Maa”. The story based on the disparity of rich and poor was by renowned writer Gyanendra Burma. The critically acclaimed pair of “Bhai Bhai”, Gour Prasad and Chandana(Chapala’s new screen name) was repeated. The film, once again independently directed by Nitai Palit, attained unprecedented popularity. The romanticism of this movie struck a chord with the audience, young and old alike. The romance and chemistry of the lead actors created an aura which transitioned from reel life to real life. They got married!

This super hit movie gave a break to a lot of artistes to showcase their talents…

  • Dialogue by eminent playwright Gopal Chotray and Biswajit Das.
  • Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra debuted as a dance director for a movie.
  • Bhuvaneswar Misra became independent music director.
  • Talented and famous radio singers Akshay Mohanty (also lyricist) and Pranav Patnaik were introduced to movies.
  • Famous Bengali singer Ila Chakraborty sang for the first time in Odiya cinema.
  • Khetarpal and Ananta Mahapatra were introduced as actors.
  • Govind Tej, Laxmi and Hemanta Das played stellar roles.
  • Baikuntha Nath Mohanty(Boi Bhai), a long associate of Gour Prasaad and Chandana, did a cameo for the first time.